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The best classic roller ski on the market?

Long-term test of FF V Pro Classic Black


FF V Pro Classic in an new test for rollerskis. FF V Pro Classic is the best rollerski on the market!

A couple of years ago, we tested the last edition of FF’s classic roller skis. They were very good in many areas, but the wheels had clear weaknesses. Now that this year’s model is on the market, eight different wheel prototypes have been tested before FF is so pleased that they have launched an upgraded model of their best classic roller ski. And it has turned out really well.
By Kenneth Harlem

The ski that was tested is the FF V pro Classic Black Edition. The best rollerski on the market.

Precision tool
We’ll start with the build quality, which we consider to be significantly better than anything else we’ve tested. The FF V Pro Classic is a precision tool. Everything about these skis is experienced directly. The skis go where you steer them without any of the wobble or slop that we find in other roller skis. There are no noises in the wheels either. It simply seems like the wheels are manufactured with much higher quality and are attached in a better way than on other roller skis. Design should have virtually zero influence on the choice of roller ski, but it doesn’t hurt to look good. We think FF’s top skis are stylish and elegant, and of course we take that on board.
In use, this makes for a very direct and good roller ski. Whether you’re staking, double-tapping with a kick, going diagonal or going downhill, these skis are extremely good. They are more directionally stable and direct and are easier to ski technically correct than any other ski we have tested. The skis are also very good in turns. Upwards, you just put a ski in a new direction and go for it. Downhill, just lay down

FF V Pro Classic:

This is a responsive and directionally stable roller ski that is recommended for all but beginners on hilly and winding roads (Photo:
56 Kondis 6 – 2023
a little over and put a little pressure on the outer ski, and you’ll turn elegantly. In steeper downhill turns, you can go out in plough form with the skis, put pressure on the outer ski and drive elegantly and safely through.
Lots of praise, but even this ski isn’t perfect. There are skis that are significantly easier to slow down and stop from high speed and the wheels feel a little slippery on wet tarmac. The combination of high speed, steep slopes and turns is not recommended for less skilled runners with these skis, but skilled cross-country skiers will not have any problems. The weight of the skis can also be reduced, but this also applies to most other roller skis on the market. Swix’s carbon skis have been recalled from the market, so now only Fischer’s carbon skis on the Norwegian market are perceived as significantly lighter.

We believe the FF V Pro Classic is the best classic roller ski on the market.

Everyone from beginners to elite skiers will experience and enjoy a responsive and directionally stable ski with extreme quality feel.
We recommend this ski to everyone, except for less skilled runners on hilly and winding roads. Everyone from beginners to expert exercisers will really appreciate the directional stability and build quality of this ski, so if beginners stay away from steep slopes, we consider the FF V Pro Classic to be the best roller ski on the market for them too.

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