FF Rollerskis: Shaping the Future of International Rollerski Competitions

FF Rollerskis in Madonna for FIS World Cup

Eighty pairs of FF Rollerskis made their mark at the Rollerski World Cup 2020, with the International Ski Federation (FIS) as the patron. The journey, as Pernille Engebretsen reflects on 2020, has been nothing short of fantastic.

A Milestone Collaboration with FIS

For FF Rollerskis, the opportunity to continue our collaboration with FIS represented a crucial turning point. Standing at the dawn of our international adventure, we are thrilled about our agreement with FIS for 2021, showcasing our prowess yet again. Our organizational strength has been enhanced with an active and skilled board, featuring Jørn Ernst, Manager for Therese Johaug, leveraging his extensive cross-country skiing experience.

FF Rollerskis is determined to establish itself as a formidable international player, now solidified by signing an official collaboration agreement with FIS.

Official Supplier to the International Ski Federation (FIS)

As the now official supplier to FIS, FF Rollerskis celebrated a significant victory when ambassador Eirik Mysen soared across the finish line, clinching gold in the final classic distance race in Otepää.

“Pernille after the WC 2020 in Lithuania shared, “We didn’t know exactly what to expect, but it has been an amazing journey so far. And it’s just the beginning of our international adventure.”

Building Relationships as Vital as the Skis Themselves

In 2021, the adventure continues with FF Rollerskis as an official supplier to FIS. For us, the relationships we forge are as crucial as the skis themselves. During the FIS World Cup in August 2020 in the beautiful Lithuanian city of Madona and at Estonia’s Thevandi Sports Stadium, we encountered many remarkable people—athletes, volunteers, spectators, and notably, the welcoming FIS leadership.

Admitting to some initial nerves, the sight of athletes donning our FF Classic skis was both exhilarating and daunting. Success was met with abundant positive feedback on how we managed the skis and catered to the athletes, ensuring each received the “box fresh” feeling. Special mention to Eirik Mysen, who has arguably skied on FF Rollerskis more than anyone in the world, for bringing home gold.

Hard Work Reaches Far

Hard work and perseverance have molded FF Rollerskis into what we are today. Amid the uncertainties of the Covid-19 pandemic, our collaboration with FIS in 2020 marks a significant crossroads, showing resilience and dedication to showcasing the finest rollerskis on the planet while adhering to social distancing and care.

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