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ROLLER SKIING for everyone

Here you find FF Rollerskis range of roller skis and parts. Our philosophy is that roller skiing is for everyone. What we work towards every day is to make the ski that makes more people want to go roller skiing.
We have skis that cushion uneven asphalt, we have skis that help you get better at skiing with v-groove wheels. Or skis that feel responsive in the kick-off (FF V-Pro Classic). Or the dancing feeling of Pro skate. You can visit one of our selected roller ski shops or shoot us an email to get more advise on type.

Our Pro Skis

FF Rollerskis  selection is most important to us and you know that even though we call the ski a pro model, it is intended for all runners and exercisers. We work to give you the right skiing feel on safe and complete roller skis.

What does 100% satisfied mean?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, as we are absolutely sure that our roller skis will be to your liking.
What does 100% satisfaction guarantee mean? Yes, that means you can buy a roller ski from us, so when you receive it you can test it for several days. If the roller ski is not the way you want it, you can return it and get all your money back.

Roller skiing for all ages and skill levels

If there should be a fault on the ski that causes this, then we must be allowed to correct the fault. We only want satisfied customers and that is why it is so incredibly important to us that you are satisfied. Between the two of us. then we have never had anyone who has made use of this scheme. So let’s hope that means lots of happy customers. Here there is nothing to lose, only to find the flow!
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