Henrik Georg Lindhagen

Teie’s FF Rollerskis: Revolutionizing the Rollerski Market

In an exciting development within the rollerski community, Henrik Lindhagen, a 43-year-old entrepreneur from Teie, is turning the traditional rollerski market on its head. Lindhagen’s journey from a rollerski enthusiast to an innovator was spurred by his personal challenges with knee pain, leading to the birth of FF Rollerskis.

A New Era for Classic Rollerskiing

Henrik Lindhagen’s innovative approach has already caught the attention of the national team skier Didrik Tønseth, who praises the transformative potential of FF Rollerskis. Tønseth, who recently signed a contract with the Teie startup, believes these new products significantly enhance training efficiency, heralding a near-revolutionary shift in classic rollerskiing.

From Mechanic to Market Innovator

Lindhagen, with a background as a certified auto mechanic, applied his expertise to address one of rollerskiing’s most pressing issues: the impact on joints. His focus on developing advanced damping systems for rollerskis aims to reduce joint strain, making the sport more accessible and enjoyable for enthusiasts at all levels.

Join the Rollerski Revolution with FF Rollerskis

FF Rollerskis stands at the forefront of innovation in a market craving development. As a company that combines passion with practicality, FF Rollerskis not only aims to enhance athletic performance but also to protect athletes from the wear and tear of intense training.

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“Discover how Teie’s FF Rollerskis, led by Henrik Lindhagen, is revolutionizing the rollerski market with innovative damping systems to reduce joint strain. Read more about this groundbreaking approach and Didrik Tønseth’s endorsement in Tønsberg Blad.”

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