Mikael Gunnulfsen was early to see the benefits of FF Rollerskis

Mikael Gunnulfsen

Gunnulfsen saw the benefits of FF Rollerskis

Mikael Gunnulfsen won the classic 15-kilometer race at the national opening in Beitostølen ahead of Johannes Høsflot Klæbo. This season everything seemed to be going smoothly for Mikael up until the accident he had during a wintertraining session where he broke his leg! But he will be back, stronger than ever.just wait and see..

Read about Mikaels thougths on FF skis strong points

“From strain injuries to a smooth performance”

*He has been rollerskiing on FF Rollerskis for several seasons and shares his experiences and thoughts on FF Rollerskis here.

Here Mikael explains the features of FF V Pro Classic

“I spend up to 350 hours on rollerskis each year, so of course I am concerned about the quality of my rollerskis. In the past, I have struggled with minor irritating repetitive strains from all the shaking caused by the rollerskis on the asphalt. This season with FF Rollerskis, I have not felt the slightest hint of these problems. The floating fork dampens a large part of the shocks, and limits the consequences of going on bad asphalt significantly. Roads of poor standard that were previously unthinkable to use on rollerskis, suddenly became completely new routes in my daily training regimen. This fork also helps to provide a slight bounce in the skis, which made a big difference for me in skating. The push was much more like what I experienced on snow, and made the transition to snow much easier.”

“Like skiing on winter tracks”

“When I do the first sessions on snow in October every year, I am always surprised at how long it takes me to get the classic diagonal stride. I feel that the technique I need to ski well is not the same as the technique I use on rollerskis. I wanted to do something about this. What I found was that I was using too much energy to find balance on the rollerskis. They went in all directions, and the actual push required as much balance as power. When I tried FF Classic with V-grooves, the feeling was completely different. Finally, the skis went straight ahead, just like on a track in winter. This allowed me to use the energy for the actual push and the force against the surface. October this season was completely different from previous years, because suddenly the diagonal stride came naturally.”

“Good quality”

“In addition, I have now completed an entire dry-land season on the rollerskis without changing the wheels. Usually, I have to change wheels several times during the preparation, but not with FF. This is because FF has much larger rims on their wheels, which in turn provides less heat through the rubber. Therefore, they also wear out much less.”