Are you unsure of how to take care of your new rollerskis? We will help you on the way!

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Before you start…

Before using the roller skis, always check that the screws are tightened, and that the wheels or binding isn’t damaged. Remember to alternate the skis from left to right to ensure that they are worn down evenly. After use, wipe off the skis with a dry cloth, or rinse carefully with water. It’s important for the bearings to dry completely and to store the skis in a room dry and room temperature area.

You should also check the bearings for tear due to use. This can be done by listening for rumbling within the wheels while they are spinning. If they are, they need to be replaced.

Further maintenance

Maintenance of your rollerskis

  • Make sure that your rollerskis are not damaged and the wheels aren’t making any abnormal sounds.
  • Remove gravel and dirt from the equipment after a training session, to keep it in a good condition.

  • Rinse the skis with warm water if it’s been raining
  • To dry the skis, put dem up against a wall to let the water run off of it, or place them on a heated floor. They can also be dried by using a hairdryer.
  • If you have been practising on dry concrete, it’s only necessary to dust off the skis with a dry cloth or towel.
  • Check the suspension often. Natural rubber is not fond of dust, mud, sand, or salt. It’s important to follow these tips to preserve the flexibility within the rubber.
    Always apply silicone on rubber suspension after each wash.

Allways free checkups

We offer free check ups on all of our products, and if you need to replace a wheel or bearing, this is of course free as well. You only pay for the parts you need replaced. All of the aforementioned guidelines must be followed to be qualified for a free checkup. We recommend doing a checkup on the equipment at least once a year, depending on the average use.

Before you send anything over for a checkup, it is important that the wheels and/or skis are clean. We are very persistent in keeping our shop clean and neat. This is due to bearings not taking well to dust or sand when we are reattaching your wheels after a checkup.