FIS World Cup in Madona: FF -Team is Ready to Shine!


Summer is here, and that means one thing for us at FF Rollerskis: it’s time for the FIS World Cup in Madona! 🎉 This time, we’re bringing our pride and joy, the V-Active and ActiveSkate, ready to show the world what we’re made of.

Preparations: From Idea to World Cup

The journey to Madona has been both exciting and hectic, even though its the 5th year, its a thriller. From the design table to the test tracks, we’ve worked hard to ensure both the V-Active and Active Skate deliver top performance. Especially the FF Active Skate, which has been a star in its development, and it’s not just us saying it. You can read more about it in this [article](#) we’ve attached – spoiler alert: it’s impressive!

What Makes V-Active and Active Skate So Special?

FF V-Active Classic

– Incredible stability and control

– The unique V-Track wheel is a high performance wheel for roller skis and what we call;
“The new Standard”

– Perfect for the longest and most demanding races

– Built to withstand all conditions, from wet to dry roads

– A strong cooperation are emerging between Salomon and FF. They provide, what we think, is the best binding for roller skis, High quality and fresh desigh features. All FF roller skis have Salomon Pro bindings , NNN system as standard. We also highly recomand the skiboots from Salomon, we love the S Lab! They practically make you jump a level up on your performance curve by adding support and comfort.

FF Active Skate:

roller skis on asphalt

– Designed for maximum speed and maneuverability

– Lightweight construction that makes you feel like you’re flying

– Optimal forward force with a lowered frame giving more contact with the ground. Be in controle and experience a smooth and comfortable ride.

– This is the roller ski that most skiers will recognice a performes not shy of the top models of other brands, like IDT and Swenor. But the price we have set as a enry- level model.

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What We’re Looking Forward to FFskis- Action in Madona

Madona is known for its beautiful landscapes and challenging tracks, and we can’t wait to see our skis in action there. It’s going to be exciting to see our V-Active and ActiveSkate perform during the World Cup. We have great confidence that they will impress both athletes and spectators.

A Summer Filled with Adventures

After Madona, the adventure continues in August with a World Cup round in Kazakhstan. This is another second round of the world Cupand FFskis are present to showcase the roller skis to new rollerski enthusiasts from around the world.

Come September, we’re looking forward to the World Championships in Val di Fiemme, Italy. This is one of the highlights of the year, and we hope for great results and maybe some surprising opportunities for FFskis to find new collaborators in our strive to accive exellence.

Together, We Create Memories

For us, the FIS World Cup is about more than just competition. It’s a unique opportunity to bring people together, share our passion for rollerskiing, and create unforgettable memories. It’s this sense of community and the joy of being together that truly drives us forward. Seeing athletes and spectators smile, cheer, and have fun is what makes all the hard work worthwhile.

It’s About More Than Just Competition

FF Rollerskis has always been about community. Whether it’s at training camps, competitions, or social gatherings, we love bringing people together. Our goal is for every participant, spectator, and supporter to go home with a smile on their face and a memory for life. This isn’t just a journey for us, but a journey we share with all of you.

In Conclusion: Ready, Set, Go!

So, with butterflies in our stomachs and high expectations, we’re heading to Madona. We’re ready to shine, to show the world what FF Rollerskis stands for, and to have an incredible amount of fun along the way. Follow us on this exciting journey – we promise to keep you updated with highlights and thrilling moments!

As they say, “Fortune favors the bold!” – and we’re ready to make great rollerski moments and memories with all atheletes and the whole of Madona.

See you in Madona! 🏅

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