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FF Rollerskis is proud to have an agreement with FIS (The International Ski Federation) and the opportunity .

This is a confirmation of the quality our products and that the FIS are happy with the service we provide. FF Rollerskis is looking forward to seeing athletes again during the World Cup and are grateful to se all levels of use our rollerskis!

Henrik Lindhagen, Founder & CEO FF Rollerskis as

The International Ski Federation (FIS)

The International Ski Federation (FIS) is the governing body for international skiing and snowboarding. They were founded during the first Olympic Games in modern time in Chamonix, France 1924.
Approved by the International Olympic Committee, the FIS governs the Olympic disciplines of alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, jumping, combined, freestyle and snowboarding. They are also responsible for and approve international competition rules

Through its 135 member nations, just over 7,000 FIS ski and snowboard competitions / races are held each year.

FIS Facts and Interesting Figures

  • Founded: 1924 during the first Olympic Winter Games in Chamonix France.
  • Head Office/(Headquarters?): Oberhofen Switzerland.
  • Annual Revenue: 47 million Swiss Francs.
  • Responsible for: And approved by the IOC as the official governing body for alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, jumping, combined, freestyle and snowboarding.
  • Member nations: FIS is based on members from 135 national skis associations.
  • Number of world championships: 6 every two years (alpine, cross-country, jumping, combined, freestyle and snowboard, telemark, grass skiing, and speed skiing).
  • Number World Cup races: Approximately 330 over the year.
  • Number of approved FIS races: In excess of 7,000 annually.
  • Number of active athletes with a license: 30,764.
  • Gender ratio between active licensed athletes: 63% men, 37% women.
  • In addition to competitions and races, FIS undertakes specific initiatives to promote various snow activities, conserve nature, work against doping in sports, and safeguard pp the dishonesty of athletes.
  • The FIS campaign to increase the number of snow/winter participants in Bring Children to Sports supports 1,056 organizations in 53 countries and observes over 1,000 events and activities that bring children to snow /winter sports.

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