FF V Pro Classic with V Track Wheels

FF V Pro Classic with V Track Wheels

FF V Pro Classic with the characteristic V Track Wheel. This wheels have an aluminum core and the rim is wider than on a standard classic rollerski wheel.
The most important difference between this wheel and standard wheels without the center V Track is summed up in the three bullitpoints below.

The V Track Wheel performance points:

  • The stability it provides to the experience. You will get better connection to the ground, in addition to a safer and more controlled movement. It helps the direction on the skis and you are able to use better techniqe as well as be free of the constant corretion of the ancles you get accustomed to with regular classic rollerski wheels.
  • Curved edges. The V Track wheel has curved edges. This design feature also has a useful function. The edges make the ski responsive and when you get used to the feeling you can push the V Pro Classic with the same carving approach as in ski tracks on snow. It takes a little practice and unlearning of “old” paddelingsyle in curves, but when you get it right and let the rolleski guide you through the curve; Its an amacing feeling!
  • The continues feeling of new wheels. In addition to the true skifeel like a cross-country ski, this feeling is maintained over time. The known problem with eggshaped wheels after a few workouts on regular wheels is more or less eliminated. The V Track and the curved edges make you ware wheels much more even and sustain its shape over time. This in it self is a small revolution.

Change the wheels regularly

You can easily change the wheels on the FF V Pro Classic when they are worn out, or if you want to change the rolling resistance. Our recomandation is to change them every season. This way you get the best experience, as well as a smart routine for checking the rollerskis after storage. Both cleaning the skis and wheels before storage and checking them when a new season arrive are recomended.

V Track Wheels for other rollerski brands

If you not yet has acquired a pair of FF V Pro Classic? Do not despair! Check out our Universal V Track Wheel, compatible with most brands on the market. Choose wheel and mountingset for your brand, just comment in the order. And you will get a taste of the FF Experience. A good start and a good way to get the mots out of your exicting frame!

Maintenance routine

Its time to get a good maintanance routine for your equipment! The best investment you can do, and regardless of brand FF highly recomend this.
The binding need some TLC. If you have Rottefella it can be time to change the Flex. This is a cheep way to maintain the equipment. The Flex gives support and tighten the bindings bootgrip.
Mudguards are another item usually on a higher change rate than the rollerski. We have universal measurements on our mudguards, and are easily mounted with our stainless screws.

The magical tip sharpener!

Need better grip on your skipoles? Then you have to check out our magical Tip Sharpener!
This is the best tool for maintaining Pole tips. It will not damage the hardening of the tip metal, sustain the strength and it is easy to mount on your standard domestic drill.