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Mikael Gunnulfsen was early to see the benefits of FF Rollerskis

Mikael Gunnulfsen

Gunnulfsen saw the benefits of FF Rollerskis Mikael Gunnulfsen won the classic 15-kilometer race at the national opening in Beitostølen ahead of Johannes Høsflot Klæbo. This season everything seemed to be going smoothly for Mikael up until the accident he had during a wintertraining session where he broke his leg! But he will be back, […]

Henrik’s (43) sore knee sparked news for the national sport: – It’s almost revolutionary (Didrik Tønseth)

Employees of FF rollerskis

Henrik Lindhagen (43) from Teie has always loved skiing. But when a sore knee ruined his enjoyment of exercise, he began to think about new products in a traditional market.. Didrik Tønseth “I think I get more out of the training hours I put in. It’s almost a revolution in classic roller skiing,” says national […]

FF Rollerskis: Shaping the Future of International Rollerski Competitions

FF Rollerskis in Madonna for FIS World Cup

FF Rollerskis triumphed as the official supplier for the FIS Rollerski World Cup 2020, reflecting a major milestone collaboration. With new board members like Jørn Ernst, the brand solidified its international presence. Celebrating Eirik Mysen’s gold, FF Rollerskis is set for further success, despite the pandemic, as they continue as FIS’s official supplier in 2021.

Henrik Georg Lindhagen

Henrik Lindhagen of Teie is transforming the rollerski industry with FF Rollerskis that alleviate knee pain through innovative damping systems. Supported by national team skier Didrik Tønseth, the Teie startup’s technology focuses on reducing joint strain and improving training, making waves in the classic rollerski market.