Our Ambassadors

We present to you a selection of our ambassadors

They are talent, ledgend, grit and performance.  All the qualities you expect of excellence, and FFskis strive to deliver the best equipment to improve performance.

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Bruno Debertolis

TeamTrentino Robinson

Ciao FF, I tried your rollerskis… WowwwReally really good
In my opinion they are probably the best I’ve used!
Very precise in direction changes, very few vibrations, easy and light for use in the classic style. Even the speed of the wheels is perfect for training!

Oddvar Brå

Former Cross Country Skier

I have used rollerskis since the 70’s, and have tried several different models during that time. The last few years there has been little to no advancements for rollerskis either. At the start of June last year I tried the FF Classics for the first time, and got a whole new experience. FF Classic are more stable and vibrate less than other rollerskis I have tried earlier. It’s like skiing on prepped tracks and on snow. It’s amazing to get this feeling while using rollerskis.

Julie Gjervig Drivenes

Lommedalens IL / Team Elon Oslofjord

FF’s rollerskis are the rollerskis that gives the most ski-like feeling out of all the other rollerski brands I have tried. I have tested out many different brands and modelsm but always recommend FF rollerskis to both younger skiers, top level athlethes and beginners.

FF has skis and wheels that suit all weather types – even the demanding norwegian fall, with wet asphalt – the wet weather weels are a favotite here!

Patrick Fossum Kristoffersen 


FF Rollerskis gives a unique skiing feeling on both wet and dry surfaces. The stable skis help to make my technique as similar as possible in the summer as on snow, which is very important to me!

Thomas McCarthy