Our Ambassadors

We in FF Rollerskis know the importance of spreading the joy of roller skis. Therefore, we have several ambassadors with the same outlook as us.

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Didrik Tønseth

World Champion – Cross Country Skiing

Through a long career as a professional athlete, and being a part of the Norwegian national team, I have tested just about every type of rollerskis on the market. I have tested FF Rollerskis two new products, FF Skate and FF Classic, for a few months now and they have developed the best rollerskis I have ever tried.

The rollerskis are, without a shadow of doubt, improving my skiing skills, and I can recommend them to professional athletes, avid users, and beginners.

Oddvar Brå

Former Cross Country Skier

I have used rollerskis since the 70’s, and have tried several different models during that time. The last few years there has been little to no advancements for rollerskis either. At the start of June last year I tried the FF Classics for the first time, and got a whole new experience. FF Classic are more stable and vibrate less than other rollerskis I have tried earlier. It’s like skiing on prepped tracks and on snow. It’s amazing to get this feeling while using rollerskis.

Eirik Mysen

Team FF

The first time I used the FF Classics I got an “aha” experience. And the flex of the skis were just amazing, and far more gentle on my legs.