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FF Rollerskis are proud to be an official FIS partner and product supplier. We provide top of the line roller skis to official World Cup-events and competitions.

FF Rollerskis are proud to be an official FIS partner and product supplier. We provide top of the line roller skis to official World Cup-events and competitions.


Get the real ski-like feeling with V-track wheels

The V-track ensures better stability en easier diagonal stride compared ro traditional roller ski wheels.

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FF V-Groove Wheels
FF V-Groove Wheels
Side-by-side view of two FF V Active Classic rollerskis, showcasing their aerodynamic design, V-groove wheels, and advanced suspension system for superior stability and performance.
Front pair view of FF PRO Skate rollerskis, showcasing their sleek design, high-performance wheels, and advanced construction for optimal skating performance.

Better dampening and stride with Floating Fork

Floating Fork dampening system reduces vibration and shake, and gives you a more ski-like feeling.

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Upgrade your rollerskis with better wheels

Swap out your old wheels for some FF wheels. Our wheels ship with adapter kits for almost every make and model.

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FF V-Groove Wheels
FF V-Groove Wheels

From our ambassadors…

– In my opinion they are probably the best I’ve used! Very precise in direction changes, very few vibrations, easy and light for use in the classic style. 

Bruno Bedertolis – Team Trentino Robinson

Julie Bjervig Drivenes

– FF’s rollerskis are the rollerskis that gives the most ski-like feeling out of all the other rollerski brands I have tried.

Julie Gjervig Drivenes – Lommedalens IL / Team Elon Oslofjord

Oddvar Braa

– I have used rollerskis since the 70’s, and have tried several different models during that time. FF Classic are more stable and vibrate less than other rollerskis.

Oddvar Brå – (Retired Cross-Country Skier)

Frequently asked questions

Both FF Pro Skate and FF V Pro Classic come with suspension in the frame! This suspension imitates the flexibility of skis, while it limits the vibrations from the concrete. Another unique element is the V-track wheel, which gives both better balance and stability on the classic rollerskis. We are certain that these are the rollerskis of the future, and that you will feel the same!

The rolling resistance on the roller skis are decided by the rubber mixture in the wheel. Our #2 medium wheels are the most common resistance, and can simulate a nicely prepared winter track. Our #3 wet wheels are often used amongst pro athletes to further improve their skill, but it is also used by avid skiers who prefer a slower ride. The #1 fast wheels are for the skiers who enjoy high speeds during their training sessions. Our rolling resistance is also synchronized. to the best of our abilities, to the scale of our competitors.

FF delivers rollerskis for everyone. Even though our best selling model is called pro, does not mean you have to be a pro athlete yourself. The Pro series is often viewed as the best skis for beginners, due to the suspension removing the vibrations caused by the concrete. Also, the V-track wheels make the Classic series more stable as well, which can be welcoming for new skiers.

Breaking on rollerskis in itself takes practice and technique! FF’s rollerskis are not harder to break with than traditional rollerskis, and with practice, you can ski down the steepest hill. Breaking is known to wear the wheels down due to the heath that is generated in the rubber. Within FF Rollerskis Pro series, the wheels have a rim, which ventilates the wheel and greatly improves its durability.

Feedback from some of our customers

Really great rollerskis!


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Fantastic ski! From entry level Active to the Pro models everyone should have a FF Rollerski at home!

Rollerski Down under

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Really confortable, high performance…in short…top level ski💪
With nr 2 wheels are the perfect compromise to enjoy every kind of training…perfect choice to double pole!


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Fantastic rollerskis for skate and classic! FF rollerskis provided me a way to improve my training process and develop as a skier. Very great!


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